Building our own history

Joe began his career in 1974 as a crew member in the post/frame building industry. His experience on the crew permitted him to gain a great volume of expertise and knowledge about the design and structure of these buildings.

He became the manager of a sales office in the 1980’s, and this experience helped him to comprehend both sides of the industry, letting him knowledgeably serve his customers from the start of the purchase to the project’s conclusion.

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In December of 1994, Joe and his family used his knowledge and experience to establish their own company, K-Construction, and March of 2003, we were offered the honor of becoming a dealer for Lester Buildings. Knowing that this was great progress, we accepted.

Joe has combined his extensive product knowledge with the strength of Lester Buildings to afford our customers with the marketplace’s best possible building solutions. He raises the bar of excellence by having the talent and knowledge to blend the functionality of our products with design. It is truly through this higher standard of excellence, combined with Lester Buildings, which allows K-Construction to be a leader in our industry.


“My genuine commitment begins with you, the customer. A high degree of reliability and attention to detail, I feel, is unmatched in this industry. I will remain focused on each individual project from start to finish enabling each customer to be uniquely satisfied. I bring a strong sense of accountability along with a talented, dedicated, and ethical team. Together we will make you proud to be a Lester Building owner.” - Joe

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